Do you want to:

Communicate securely with
other health professionals
across South Australia through
chat, face-to-face video or
video conferencing?
Reduce the burden, time and
cost of unnecessary travel for
you and your patient?
Know when your colleagues
are available for a chat or
video call?


Your participation in Health Connections Video will improve your patient’s access to health care, particularly for those in regional and remote areas or with limited mobility and transport options.

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What can Health Connections Video offer?

  • Secure and direct communication with other health care providers across South Australia, including those in SA Health. The more providers on the system, the more effective it becomes.

  • Communication with rural and remote patients, reducing the need for costly and time- consuming travel, for both patients and providers.

  • The world’s leader in communications and network security, Cisco, provides the software that forms the basis of the Health Connections Video platform, Cisco Jabber. 

What are the features?

  • Instant messaging – chat with other health care professionals within the same network.

  • Video from your device – call a colleague and talk face-to-face (particularly good when a visual queue is required).

  • Device Sharing – share your screen with a colleague to collaborate on a document or assist with training.

  • Video Conferencing – join larger conferences from your device. Share presentations and other documents with conference participants.

  • Dedicated consult/meeting rooms – book one of two dedicated video conference meeting rooms located at the Country SA PHN, Mile End office.

  • Country SA PHN will work with you and your IT Service Provider to install the relevant software and get you connected with other health care professionals.

How much will Health Connections Video cost?

  • South Australian regional health care professionals will receive the basic offering, including one software license, free of charge.

  • You may need to purchase a microphone, camera and speakers.

  • South Australian metropolitan health care providers who are referred by a regional provider can receive the same basic offering free for six months. After which time they will be charged $20 per license per month.

  • Upgrading to dedicated video conferencing rooms and systems will come at a cost. Country SA PHN can assist with obtaining quotes from specialist audio visual service providers.

Is it secure?

  • Yes – all communication within Health Connections Video is secure without your intervention – unlike messaging services such as Facebook Messenger or aspects of Skype.

  • Technical security and configuration details are available on request

Are there rules for using it?

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