Do you want to:

Participate in team-based
care for your patients?
Improve patient referral
Know the current status
of a Care Plan created by
other providers?
Improve communication
with other care providers
and your patient?


Health Connections Care Plan is an online team-based care planning portal. Accessible through a browser or a mobile app, the platform connects general practitioners with their patient’s health professionals to improve communication and make the patient journey more efficient – minimising costs and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

How does Health Connections Care Plan help you?

It enables you to record goals, targets, referrals and activities for patients to ensure that they receive the required level of care to manage their chronic conditions.The referred activities are updated by the recipient in real-time and providers see all updates. Health Connections Care Plan is integrated with other digital health tools such as HealthPathways SA and My Health Record to provide additional clinical management and referral resources to support each patient’s activities and goals.

  • Removes the need for inefficient,paper-based, care plan.
  • Integrates into most GP clinicalmanagement systems.
  • Enables practitioners to view, acceptreferrals and update service progress.
  • Provides reminders, notifications andsecure messaging ensuring real-timecommunication to the care team.
  • Customisable to healthcare settingsto ensure efficiency of service provision.

What do you get?

The ability to:

  • Create an electronic shared care plan and update it in real-time
  • View summaries from all care team members
  • Send and receive referrals within the contextof the care plan
  • Share resources with patients
  • Engage with patients via a mobile view
  • Share problem templates between corporate groups or within local networks

Will it cost you anything?

No – Country SA PHN is currently able to provide licensed access to any validated health professional providing service or caring for a patient living within the Country SA PHN region. The ongoing availability is subject to annual approval of Department of Health funding.

Is it secure?

All communication within Health Connections Care Plan is secure and encrypted. Country SA PHN manages registration and secure access to approved providers to ensure patient records are handled with care. Technical details for security and configuration can be provided upon request.

My Health Record registration is required as it validates the organisation, the provider and the patient. The My Health Record NASH certificate is also used to provide the encrypted transfer of information from the provider to the platform.

Are there rules for using it?

We require our providers to sign a Terms of Use agreement and to adhere to the Australia Privacy Principles

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